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Lights Specifications: 150 Light Strings
Cable Length 26.5m
First to last light 16.5m
Plug to first light 10m
Transformer 240v-50Htz 36v-60watts
Lamp rating 2.4v/0.36w
Spare globes 5
Approval No 15915

Lights Specifications: 300 Light Strings
Cable Length 43m
First to last light 33m
Plug to first light 10m
Transformer 240v-50Htz
Lamp rating 2.4v/0.28w
Spare globes 10
Approval Number 15915

Santa's Workshop fairylights are sold in boxes of 150 and 300 clear light strings including 5 spare globes for the 150 boxes and 10 spare globes for the 300 boxes.

Our fairylights are the brightest lights available on the market. - We strongly recommend you use our bright lights for optimum brilliance on your Christmas display

We also have 300 light strings without transformers.
Please inquire if you would like more information.

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